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Taltree – Rosewood Hills

Redmond ,WA

Taltree – Rosewood Hills New Construction Details

The Rosewood Hills Project is divided into two halves, and one of them is known as Taltree, comprising six homes on a 43,000 sq. ft. property in the sought-after Rose Hill neighborhood.

Initially zoned as R6, we are currently navigating the plat approval and residential permit review process. Exciting news from the City reveals that Taltree will undergo an upzone to approximately R8. This means the property will now accommodate eight homes (up from six) with an increased height limit of 40′ (up from 35′). Additionally, each new home will have the option for a mother-in-law suite, detached infill home, or attached infill home.

While we await further zoning details from the City and subsequently update our plat and home plans, this densification significantly enhances the overall value of the homes. Although there may be a temporary delay, the upzone, influenced by recent State legislation (refer to, more than compensates for the wait in terms of increased property value.

The Meydenbauer Group is the premier home building company of the Northwest specializing in building luxury custom homes between $2M-$7M.

Over the years, our company has cultivated a team of professionals and subcontractors to cater to the tastes and needs of this specific market.

We focus on providing:
- Master Quality Workmanship
- Best Value in Class
- Flexibility, Customization, and Personalization

We have thrived in our business based on our reputation of integrity, reliability, and transparency.

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